Friday, July 30, 2010

our new home - part two.

What a week!  What a wonderful week we have had.

This past Saturday afternoon, I took a quick trip home.  I met my sister for her first wedding dress fitting, then headed up to our first fundraiser for a couple hours.  The fundraiser was hosted by my very best friends and their families - it was amazing.  I was able to see so many people who I have not seen since we left for Ann Arbor and ate delicious food at the same time.  I drove about 5 hours in one day!  The time seemed to fly by as most of my ride home was spent thanking the Lord for my friends and family.  I have the very BEST!

the master chef

me with all of the hosts

I got back to the hospital and found that Josh had waited up for me.  His mom had just left.  I told him about all of the people who came and how perfect the day turned out to be.  I am sure he wished he could have been there.  I certainly wished I could have stayed longer.  But he had a boyish smile as I told him about all of the great conversations I had and about how many people miss him like crazy.

Over the weekend, Josh's numbers and condition were very stable even after a reduction of steroids.  Although he still has a virus, the doctors advised that they will be able to monitor it on a weekly basis, and it didn't require hospitalization at this point.  We will not know for about two weeks how the treatment is working anyway.  Because they were so pleased with Josh's status...

THEY SENT US HOME!!! Wooo Hooo!!!!

Our new home is not exactly "our" home, it is Josh's step father and mothers home in Portage, MI (near Kalamazoo).  We will be living here until September when Josh reaches Day +100.  The hospital requires that Josh lives within an hour of their facility during this time as it is the most risky stage.  They allowed us to move a little over an hour so that we could avoid renting an apartment.  Thank God!  We are very comfy here, especially because we have a WONDERFUL ROOMMATE!

on the way home from U of M

reunited with BOSS! our favorite roommate!

Josh's mom has quit her job so that she can take over the daytime care of Joshua.  He will continue to need 24/7 monitoring until Day +100.  This will allow me to return to work on Monday.  I will be commuting from Portage to Grand Rapids and will be taking care of Josh on the evenings and weekends.  Because Josh came home on IV medication, we have spent this week training with our in home nurses, so that we are prepared to work on our own starting tomorrow.  We have learned how to hook up his IV tubing, administer the meds, clean the lines, and disconnect them.  We are also in charge of all of his oral medications now.  He has over 15!  Some are given multiple times a day, and all are on a tight schedule.  What a headache!!!  Proudly, I can say his Mom and I are now pros!

In order for Josh to move back to our house in September, I have to do LOTS of preparations.  Our house has to be sterilized, free from all dirt, dust, etc.  We'll have our carpets, upholstery, and vents cleaned, and we can have no open construction at all.  That means there are a lot of projects that I will need to finish in the next couple months.

I went home last night to get work clothes and spent the entire evening with my parents and sister Johannah working on our house.  We are completely tearing out our bathroom, which Josh started prior to transplant.  What a job!  Plaster and slats are now my worst enemy!!!  I did, however, love watching my mom and sister in demo mode - they are really bad ass!  Who would have imagined that two small women had so much power!  I was a little intimidated and very excited!  : )
Josh is LOVING every moment at home.  He is starting to move a little more each day... Boss doesn't give him much choice!  He is eating well and sleeping well and has already gained some weight.  He still has 30+ pounds to go, which I do not see taking long with all of the yummy food here.  He is even thinking about starting some college courses soon, likely a medical program.  He will not be able to work for at least a year, so this is the perfect time for education!  I can tell you one thing, we are both cherishing each day and really living life to the fullest!

Joshua's birthday is on Monday.  He will be 30.  Last week I asked him what he wanted for his birthday.  He said that all he wanted was to be home.  And here we are...


  1. ANOTHER NOTE PER JOSH'S GRANDMA MABIE: We apologize for any troubles at Independent Bank. Apparently some of the tellers were having difficulty finding the non-profit, "Benefit for Joshua Parker." Sorry about the inconvenience. Please be sure to mention that this is an ORGANIZATION, not a person.

  2. I cannot even express how happy I am for you both! Also for all of the dear loved ones that have been walking this walk so closely with you, the JOY of answered prayers! This family has so much to be thankful for and it should remind us all that every single day is a gift from God, none of us are promised tomorrow so when tomorrow arrives we should be extremely thankful! I love you guys and am so incredibly happy for you and look forward to all the exciting things God has in store for you!

    Love, Judy

  3. Amazing update! Welcome home to Josh (and happy early birthday - which I just discovered is the same day as mine!!) Have a fantastic weekend at home with family!!!! Love you!

  4. Judy, thank you for walking so closely with us, even though you are so far away. You are a perfect example of family love. I miss you!

    Becky, although you are not blood related, you are an example of an AMAZING sister. You are a role model and Phi Sig is lucky to have you -- as am I. Happy early birthday to you too! LITP.

  5. The best update so far!!! I love that Josh is home and will be loved and spoiled by the two most important and loving women in his life! I also LOVE that you mentioned seeing his boyish smile! Josh, enjoy the comforts of your 2nd home, enjoy your boy, Boss, and know that we all continue to send our love and hugs EVERYDAY!!! Love, Mom D.

  6. Hiedi & Josh, All I can say is that GOD MAKES MIRACLES HAPPEN EVERY DAY. I LOVE you BOTH.

    HAPPY 30th Birthday, Josh, you have the best part of your life yet to begin. We all can enjoy it togather.

    See you soon, Love Grandma T.